Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Photo Blogs I Love

My most recent obsession is being a stalker... a blog stalker, that is. I've found some fabulous photographers who keep blogs to update their clients on new and exciting things going on within the business, and who post sneak peeks of recent shoots. They do a great job of keeping things interesting and current so that people will want to come back for more.

Here are just a few of my favorites. They're not local... I just found them on the web. They inspire me, and I think they'll inspire you too... (you may want to right click and open in a new window)

Indie Jane Photography

Blue Lily Photography

Brianna Graham

Cope Photography

Amy Wenzel Photography

Brenda Acuncius Photography

Pinkle Toes Photography

Jasmine Star Photography

Let me know if there are any fabulous blogs you would like to pass on!


  1. Thanks for the nod and congrats on the new baby (the 40D that is);-)

  2. No problem! Love your work.. I'll be coming back for more!

  3. Hey thanks! I feel honored to have made your list.

    -Meredith Cope