Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chris & Sarah ~ Sneak Peeks!

I've known Sarah since college. She and her husband, Chris, are super creative people. We decided to swap some of our talents to help each other out.  They have a design company, Austin Creative, and will be creating my Images by Jen logo, in exchange for a photo session. I'll be rolling out the new logo and a few other changes in January 2010. Can't wait! Turns out that they've never had engagement photos, so hopefully, these photos will fill that void! 

They showed up with props, fun outfits, accessories, and best of all... a fabulous attitude and a willingness to do anything! 

P.S. they both have great "serious" faces (gotta love that!). Check 'em out below!

Check out this fabulous dress. It has pockets!

...and an outtake from the shoot... Chris's reaction to a really large *wink* spider floating by his head and Sarah coming to his rescue... :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Stephen ~ Senior 2010

There's no doubt about it. Stephen's a stud. He's a musician, athlete, he likes to cook, and he's just an all-around good guy! We grabbed some photos downtown by some nearby train tracks and also got some shots with his djembe. More photos will be uploaded soon to my Facebook page in Stephen's album.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Facebook Love

Since I've had a lot of fall sessions lately and have been updating the blog and my Images by Jen Photography Facebook page like crazy, just wanted to remind you to click on the link here or on my Facebook link on the right of my blog page if you would like to become my Facebook Fan!

Any new sneak peeks or blog postings will show up right in your news feed!

Have a wonderful day!

PS Tuts for Photographers

What's a tut, you ask? "Tut" is short for tutorial... and there are tons of Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials out there... Just to name a few:
Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Star
Yanik Photo School

and the list goes on... but these are a great start!

I ran across this one recently at PSD.TUTPLUS.COM that is going to come in handy for future post-processing. If you're not already doing this, it will save you some time and energy!

What are some of your favorite sites for tutorials? Let me know!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cutest Pumpkin Around!

Here is miss Baileay making another appearance.. This time as an adorable pumpkin! More from the family's shoot coming soon!

Happy (almost) Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Camera

I went to Lawrence Photo last night so that they could ship my camera body off to Canon for repair. When I was explaining what happened, Jerry took off with it and came back a minute later with words that were music to my ears... "There's no need to ship it off... it's fixed!"

He straightened up the mirror that had gotten misaligned and ended up saving me some moolah. Gotta love that. If you haven't checked out their store, you should. Lots of goodies that you need. And printing services. And camera and lens rentals. And they host classes for photographers. Check out their site.

The only bad thing for me is that the store is dangerously close to my house. Hence, my new purchase last night of some light reflectors and diffusers. Who knows what the next visit holds...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Cuteness!

You may remember these little ladies from a past post, and as promised, here are a few more final shots. Don't you just wanna pinch their cute little cheeks?!?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adam & Claire ~ Lovebirds

My coworker, Adam, recently married his beautiful bride, Claire. Here are a few shots I grabbed at the ceremony:

and the textured version:

the bride and her proud father... just look at his face!

beautiful fall colors...

a kiss through the leaves...

and they lived happily ever after...

Felin Family Sneak Peeks

Saturday I got to spend some time in the Buffalo/Elkland area for a photo session for my sister-in-law, Casey, and her family. Casey's mom and dad own Paradise Lake Cabin Rentals, which I've had the opportunity to use before. I loved the cabin and the experience so much that I wanted to bring some friends and go back! I offered to swap some family photos for cabin time, and they took me up on it... So here are the family's sneak peek pix...  I'm anxiously awaiting my relaxing time at the cabin next spring! (Take a look around their site and contact them to sign up for a date.. but hurry! They fill up fast!)

Mom and Dad Felin have an amazing farm, and they wanted to make sure we implemented their favorite things about the farm into the family photos... the silo, the barn, and some waterfalls located on the property. It ended up being a beautiful, overcast day with some fabulous clouds, lush colors... and a happy photographer :)

Oh! And we had to get pictures of the rest of the family... Meet Eddie and Sally. Eddie wasn't a big fan of my noisy, clicky camera, but once he got to ride on his favorite golf cart,  he was a model pup bringin' a whole lot of personality. Sally, on the other hand, was all about the camera!

Coming soon... twins. yellow leaves. fur boots. blue eyes. Get excited!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So this week was an exciting week... I successfully shot a bunch of really awesome framed art and mirrors for CAS Wall Decor in North Carolina... but I did drop my camera after the first day of shooting (it was only an itty bitty baby drop, but it hit the ground just right...), so that made for an interesting day or two. But everything came together, and my Canon is off to the camera doctor to get its innards fixed.

Here's me shooting an awesome mirror... (some lucky person gets to photoshop the reflections out of this!)

Luckily, I have some amazing photographer friends who are generously letting me borrow their cameras to finish up the rest of my shoots for the month... *Jen is extremely grateful!!*

Today I went to the Buffalo/Elkland area for some family photos on my sister-in-law's family's farm. Here is the beautiful scenery and clouds that I got to work with today! 

Fall sessions to be posted soon!