Saturday, October 11, 2008

Picture Frame Collage

So I'm trying to get an early start this year on Christmas gifts... and for me, that means shopping the clearance aisles at my favorite stores for items that have minor defects, and then taking them home to "craft up" a little bit. Usually for me, this includes picture frames. Picture frames are great gifts for me to give and fill with photos, since I kinda like to take pictures.. I got some great deals today at Hobby Lobby at their 80% off aisle. I bought 18 frames and albums for a grand total of (drumroll please).. $36.20, a whopping $2ish apiece. Most of the frames will get a new paint job to hide some scratches and discoloration, while others are perfectly fine.

If you like a good deal, and consider yourself to be somewhat crafty, you may want to try a project like this... Buy a lot of wooden cheap frames on sale that are various sizes, shapes, and textures and spray paint them all the same color, insert your photos, and then hang them up for a fun photo collage. I did this in my own bathroom with some of my flower photos, and I always get compliments on it. It's great because you can add more frames any time you want!

Got any great crafty gift ideas? Let me know!

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