Thursday, October 9, 2008

Decorating on a Dime

I love to decorate. And I like for it to be cheap. I bought a house in July 2007 and it has been my constant craft "project" ever since... I like to go to flea marketing (my favorite one being Ozarks Treasures on Campbell!). I'll hit garage sales here and there. I frequent Kirklands, Gordmans, and Hobby Lobby for all their home decor, and they always have amazing sales and coupons available for a little extra off their already reasonable prices. I've also been loving all the vintage-y decor that is popping up everywhere again... It makes my think of my 90-plus grandma and all the goodies she has collected over the years. Which brings me to my most recent decorating inspiration... Plates.

Plates are colorful. They have fun designs. They can be all different shapes. And you can find cheap ones at flea markets. I've been looking for a splash of color for my kitchen walls and for the soffit area above the cabinets, and I spotted some great plate decorating ideas on the Better Homes and Gardens website. I absolutely love this wooden plate rack, but can't find one anywhere....

so I may have to settle for the wire plate holders I found at Hobby Lobby that I can at least put above the cabinets. I guess that means I'll have to go flea marketing for plates. Dangit. Wanna go shopping?

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  1. Hey, we love it when people find their decorating ideas at Gordmans!

    Next time you come in, bring this coupon & have fun shopping!!