Saturday, February 27, 2010

Self-Portraits, Weeks 7 & 8

Just a little behind on my self-portrait project, so here are a few pix to catch me up...

Eyes Speak

I like my eyes. They're a little bit o' green, a tad blue, somewhat golden... otherwise known as hazel... A little bit of every flavor. :) My favorite thing about my eyes is the yellow sunflowers I have around my pupils. Yep. I have flowery eyes. I never noticed until my eye doctor pointed it out a few years ago, and upon closer inspection, I do indeedy have some flowery goodness there. They make me feel unique. But even though I don't especially love sunflowers, I DO love me some orchids.. *hint hint, boys...*

Speaking of eyes, they're my favorite thing to photograph on a person, followed by eyelashes, curly ringlets, and smiles... in that order.



I love to see pictures of people looking out windows... I always wonder what they're thinking. You'll see a lot of bridal shots in which the bride is looking out the window.. and of course, I always imagine she's picturing a new life with the man she loves...

Me, I guess I'm just daydreaming...


Here's another outtake from today. I like how the focus is on my eyelashes and the fine details on my eyelid...

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