Saturday, February 13, 2010

Self-Portrait, Week 6

80's Queen

So I went to a Valentine's 80's-themed party at church. I instantly knew that I had to be a rocker chick. I mean, I am in my church's band, but you probably won't see me sporting this on Sunday morning...The huge star earrings, a load of jewelry, some bling-bling, leggings, a fun skirt, and some black pumps... and tons of makeup. The party was fun (and I did end up being the 80's Queen for evening... woot!)...

Just a few observations about the 80's in general...
*I would be broke from the amount of makeup that is required to achieve the 80's look.
*I would have to add an hour to my pre-bed routine to wash off the layers of the aforementioned makeup.
*My hair is too fine to be "big," and despite hair spray, hair gel and more hair spray, the "big" look was not effectively achieved. My hair would sadly be classified as an 80's failure.

and my last thought about the 80's
*People just plain looked scary. What were they thinking?!

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  1. Thank you...I went to an 80's themed party in December, and I couldn't believe that I was leaving my house dressed like that. It was scary!!