Monday, February 1, 2010


So I pretty much have amazingly talented friends. 

Some can sing like angels. Some can play the guitar like a madman. Others can write beautiful music that comes from deep in the soul. Some friends can take something ordinary, take its picture, and turn that little bit of nothing into something extraordinary.  And even though some friends may not feel as though they are amazingly talented in any specific area, they all have one thing in common...

They inspire me.

I crave inspiration. I want to soak it all in--the good, the bad, the beautiful, the sad, the perfect, the imperfect--and mold that inspiration into something that is uniquely me. And sometimes, just sometimes... my vision can inspire others, and by that I am humbled.

My friend and former coworker, Emily McGee, is an amazing artist. She has been immersing herself in sketching recently, and she has been producing some pretty stunning portraits.

She was inspired by a photo I took of my friend's little girl, Baileay, awhile ago.

Here's the original photo...

And here is Emily's drawing...
Pretty amazing, huh?
Here's her sketch from start to finish:

The outline:

The face (the hardest part, in my opinion!)

And the rest...

And finally,
Emily's drawing vs the original photo.

Yep. I'm inspired.

What inspires you?

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