Monday, November 30, 2009

New Year Checklist

There will be some changes starting in January for Images by Jen. Here's a bit of my crazy schedule lately:

1. Order domain name. Check! coming in January!

2. Order website template. Check!

3. Write copy for website. 40% check.

4. Wait patiently for logo to be designed. Check! (Is it weird that I dreamed about my logo the other night?)

5. Go through the last two years of pictures and pick my favorites for website. Totally do-able, but not quite done yet.

6. Order Canon Speedlight 580 EX II flash. Check!

7. Download Adobe Creative Suite 4 onto my laptop. Check! I now have Photoshop at my fingertips. Finally!

8. Download Totally Rad Actions. Check! Sooo excited about these! (Is it weird that I also dreamed about these? I really need to not be on the computer before I go to bed!)

9. Learn how to use Lightroom. Hmmm. Definitely not checked yet.

10. Prepare for my photo shoot. Check! Yep! I'll be having my own photo shoot on Sunday, courtesy of the beautiful and talented photographer, Tiffany Kelley. I remember how incredibly awkward I was for my senior pictures... Hopefully things will be different this time around!

11. Finish editing November sessions. Almost check.

Well this isn't the entire list, but I feel like I've accomplished something by at least typing this. No wonder my head has been spinning lately!

And not to have a post without some pictures, here are some photos of my doggie-niece Sammie, from Thanksgiving day:

Am-I-In-Trouble? Sammie:

After-Turkey Sammie:

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