Monday, November 16, 2009

Children's Choir

We have a children's choir at River Bluff Fellowship called Origins. Kacey Dotson had the heart and vision to start this ministry for the children... They've been learning what it means to lead people in worship. They sang a few songs yesterday for us, and they were stinkin' adorable. I make a brief appearance, trying to keep one of the little ones from making a nose dive off the stage. :)

In this video, they sang Hosanna by Hillsong.


  1. HI! My name is Leslie. I got your blog address from Eric at
    We go to River Bluff also. My son is Carson-the red head in the video. :)

    I LOVE your photography! The pictures and shots are very cool!

  2. Hi, Leslie! Carson's adorable.. I love the part where he's putting his left arm up to sing Hosanna, and then he hops as he's putting up the other arm. Too cute! Thank you for the compliments on my photography! Hope you come back for more!