Friday, February 27, 2009


Here are some self-portraits I ran across yesterday. I took them about 3 years ago the first night I got my Canon Powershot S5IS, which is a great point-and-shoot camera. (I still keep it as a back-up. Its best feature is the flip out viewing screen). I stayed up til 3:oo that morning playing around with lighting and the self-timer. (We photographers are easily entertained!) These first two pix reveal my inner desire to be a hand model. (Yes, I even wrote a post about it...) Like any photographer, I am rarely in photos unless I take them of myself. And I prefer it that way... cuz then I have access to the Delete button for those less-than-flattering shots... :) I'll have some more self-portraits to add later. I just won't add them all at once, because that would make me look vain... hmmm.


  1. Great shots Jen! I would be particularly interested in how many tries it took to do that shot with the eyeglasses. Fantastic. I have a little Olympus that I started with and I am still fond of it. It takes the sharpest pictures.

    You guys did a great song service yesterday but I really liked "Amazing Grace" yesterday. Thanks for that.

  2. Thanks, Mike! The glasses shot surprisingly didn't take too many tries. Since the Canon Powershot has the flip-out screen, I was able to turn it around to see what the finished photo would look like. I'd say I only did about 10 shots.

    Thank you also for the compliments on the service yesterday. We are blessed with so many talented people!