Monday, February 16, 2009

Hit-and-Run Blues

I woke up this morning wide awake and so pumped about another Monday at work in the world of American Family Insurance (okay, so maybe that's a slight overstatement. In actuality, I was groggy and was wishing I could crawl back into bed with my snuggly flannel sheets. And then I stumbled smack dab into the bathroom door). As I was entering the garage to get ready to hop in my car, I noticed something slightly crunchy-looking about the front of my car. IT was crunchy... as in--squished, scrunched, dented, dinged. Somebody had hit my car!! 

The hood is dented in right above the driver's side headlight, just missing breaking the headlight by thismuch. The bumper also has cracks and peeling paint too.  Was I upset? No. People do stupid things all the time. I work in insurance and hear about it every day. It's just irritating when you are on the receiving end of someone's ignorance. It would be a perfect world if people would take responsibility for their actions. Amen?

As I was racking my brain trying to figure out when it had happened or what had caused it, my only conclusion was that it had happened sometime Sunday afternoon or evening.  

So if you happen to see a vehicle running around with part of my poor car stuck on it, please STOP what you are doing, flag them down, and give them a good tongue-lashing for me. The end.

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