Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Baby, Asher

You've met Asher before... He was featured in mom, Tegan's, maternity pix last month, in the form of a baby bump. He officially made his entrance on December 7, which makes him 5 days old for these pix. His daddy, Kevin, is my coworker. I predicted Asher's due date twice and lost. Kevin got it right on the dot. 

Asher was my first newborn shoot... I honestly didn't quite know what to expect.. but this little guy was pretty much wide awake the entire time, showing us his pretty blue eyes. He wasn't a huge fan of being scantily clad, and he repeatedly shared his high-pitched squeal to let us know he wasn't overly thrilled about the idea. But it was adorable, nonetheless.

I'm happy with the results, and as you can see below, I had a really hard time choosing some favorites, so you get to see a lot!

I don't know what song he's snapping his fingers to, but I like the sound of it :)


Since Asher's daddy, Kevin, works at American Family Insurance, 
he received a gift of a stuffed teddy bear which was wearing this AMFAM shirt. 
It turns out that the shirt looks pretty adorable on Asher.  (even if it is a little short!)
We've decided that putting this picture on Kevin's desk will help his sales tremendously. :)

And lastly, if you're ever having a bad day, come back to visit this last picture. 
You can't help but smile. 
This is the only time in a person's life in which a double chin is adorable.


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