Friday, December 18, 2009

My Brazil Pix on the New OakStar Ads!

I was contacted recently by the president of a local ad agency in reference to purchasing some of my 2009 Brazil photos for a new OakStar Bank ad campaign. The theme of the campaign is "personal passions."

Remember Charles? Charles Hachtel is the Vice President of Commercial Lending at OakStar, and his personal passion is the mission work that he has been part of the past several years in Brazil through our church and a great organization called Christian Missions Unlimited. I have been to Brazil with Charles and this group four times in the past five years and can attest to the life-changing impact it has on the person who is there to work and lay bricks, as well as those who are on the receiving end.

Charles passed on to the ad agency that I was quite a shutterbug and may have some photos available of him that would work for the campaign, and they took the bait! Here are a few of the photos that were used... Five were used altogether.

And here is the final ad, "What Sweat Taught me About Banking." You'll be seeing this ad rotated in the Springfield Business Journal for the next few years!

Be sure to contact Charles at 417-447-9559 if you have any questions about OakStar!

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