Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Snow

We had such a gorgeous snow here in Springfield last night and this morning... Today, the sky dropped huge, beautiful flakes all day long. After church, I created a snow coat for my camera out of a plastic baggie and some hair ties (to prevent any moisture from the falling snow from damaging it).. then I layered up and headed out to my favorite place in Springfield... the Missouri State University campus. 

The campus has the most fabulous trees that just happen to look amazing with a little bit of snow on them. I wandered around for over an hour and came up with some shots I am really happy with. The best thing about today was that it was fresh snow... and no one else was on campus except me! (and the security guard who kept following me.. I looked menacing?). Walking through fresh snow makes me feel like I am an adventurer... and it makes me excited to explore and find new and beautiful things.


You can view the rest of today's snow photos on my Facebook fan page!

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