Thursday, January 7, 2010

Before & After Thursday

I ran into one of my fabulous friends, Lee Ellen Starks, at the park several months ago while I was waiting for some clients for a session. Lee Ellen had brought her dog, Tolmi, out for a romp in the park. I snagged a couple pictures before they headed off. I gave this finished photo to Lee Ellen for Christmas, since she loves her "Tolmers."



For the processing on this one, I used Photoshop Mama's Sketch Tutorial on YouTube. Then I darkened the black areas around his eyes and mouth. If you're able to view it large, my favorite thing about the picture are the teeny tiny bubbles of spit on his tongue :)

This is a two-fold post. I'm here to plug my amazing friend Lee Ellen because she's an incredible songwriter and musician. Check her out her next gig at Heroes Coffee on January 15.

View pix from our photo shoot here and here from over a year ago!

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