Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beauty Queen

I headed to my hometown this past weekend and got to see my friend's daughter make her appearance in the toddler swimsuit competition in the city fair. The babies have their baby show. And the toddlers have a swimsuit competition. It's quite adorable. You may recognize Miss Baileay and her incredible curls from her recent photo shoot! 

It came as no surprise to me, but Baileay won her division of the competition. How could she not? I like to take at least 1% credit, as I purchased her adorable swimsuit that she modeled so beautifully. She made faces and blew kisses at everyone and did her "wiggle" dance. When they announced her as the winner and gave her the winner's medal, she clapped adoringly. Such a crowd pleaser! 

She's really too cute for words...

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