Friday, March 6, 2009

Smilies & Frownies

Here's my list of today's Smilies and Frownies. Smilies outweigh the Frownies. Woot.


*The sun is out. Woke up to chirping birds.
*Good hair day.
*Warm enough to wear a skirt. And cute boots.
*Early Payday.
*The Boss is gone for two weeks. Party!! (Not really, but it's fun to act like it...)
*Photography projects coming up.
*The AmazingFantabulousness of Photoshop
*AMFAM bonus + Dog/house sitting = Paying off debt = Home improvements coming soon!
*Rio Branco, Brazil in August. Polishing up on my Portuguese.
*Music. Singing. Practicing guitar. Getting callouses.
*No Mr. Grumpies today in the insurance world.
*44 oz. Diet Coke
*I heart my friends. 'Specially the silly ones.


*Missing church at River Bluff this Sunday. Boo. Going home to A.C. to celebrate Grandma's 93rd birthday. Yay. Yay balances out the Boo.
*Messy kitchen.
*Still have to get my car's boo-boo fixed.
*Need to go grocery shopping.

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