Friday, January 16, 2009

Belated New Year's Resolutions...

I didn't think much about making New Year's resolutions until now... I'm a list maker, and it just doesn't feel right not to make a list. Here is a really random list of just a few things I want to accomplish in 2009...

*Make cute/pretty/personalized crafty things.
*Finish painting the trimwork in my house.
*Learn the fine art of playing the B3 Hammond rock organ for church without cringing and making ugly faces.
*Pray deeper.
*Smile more. I hear it's contagious.
*Pay off my student loans.
*Finish little projects I've started that miraculously haven't completed themselves. (i.e. a cala lily oil painting that is been a work in progress for 6 years now...)
*Save money for house remodeling and/or new car, whichever needs to come first.
*Organize my house... including the garage. yuck!
*Freshen up on my Portuguese.
*Brazil. Beach. Bikini. Need I say more?
*Take more time to encourage others according to their needs.
*Eat slower. Burp less.
*Help 2 amazingly talented musician friends start blogs and help document their journeys recording albums...
*Cook more.
*Keep the inside of my car more clean... so it doesn't look like I'm homeless and I live in it...
*Take more pictures. Make people smile. :)

The end... for now.

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