Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To-Do List

Ok. I knew this was going to be a crazy month, but I'm already behind... So many Christmas parties to attend and things to do! I'm a list-maker, so here's my to-do list for this week:

1. Change the header on my blog for a more Winter-y feel... (Crossed that one off!)
2. Edit Stephanie and Zach's engagement pictures... (Got 'r Done)
3. Edit Michael and Emily's "engagement" pictures (they've been married for awhile, but didn't initially get any pictures taken)... (yup.)
4. Pay some bills on my photo equipment and insurance before the end of the year for tax purposes... (Did that..yuck!)
5. Win the lottery... (waiting... waiting...)
6. Post some pictures of the Christmas decorations at my house... (Yup. Did that.)
7. Make my Christmas cards for this year... (Yeah.. so they might end up being Happy New Year cards...)
8. Burn a CD of the pictures I took at the Make-A-Wish Foundation's Christmas party... (checkity check)
9. Practice my Christmas music on the piano... (check.)
10. Take some stuff to Goodwill before the end of the year...
11. Cross my fingers that the laptop I want goes on sale after Christmas... (still hopin')
12. Scout locations downtown for Saturday's family pix... (yeppers.)
13. Put the final coat of paint on my hallway before next Wednesday... (not gonna happen!)
14. Eat, sleep, and be merry.

Whew! Wish me luck on getting all that done! (especially #5!)

Come back soon, as I'll have new pictures to post!

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