Thursday, December 4, 2008

Four Things...

Four things I did today…

1. Ate a 25 cent bowl of Ramen Noodle Soup. yumm.
2. Tripped over my Christmas decorations that are strewn all over my living room. Squished a Christmas light.
3. Provided the most efficient and fabulous customer service any insurance provider could possibly give. *wink*
4. Laughed out loud at the Christmas movie Elf. It's my favorite. No wait... Smiling's my favorite. :)

Four things on my to do list…

1. Jump out of a perfectly-functioning plane. I think it sounds fabulous! Wanna join me?
2. Go to Hawaii and takes lots of pictures (after I win the lottery.. Hawaii's expensive!)
3. Buy a MacBook Pro. Soon. Very soon. I can feel it.
4. Pay off my student loans from college. 5 months to go!

Four of my guiltiest pleasures…

1. Diet Pepsi (which recently replaced Mountain Dew)
2. Sparkly things including: lArgE rinGs, jeWelrY, ornaMentS, gLaSs, diamonDs....
3. Spending hours looking at photo blogs on the internet. Gives me ideas. Makes me want to learn more.
4. Photo shoots. Editing. Posting pictures. Seeing smiles.

Four random facts about me…

1. I play the piano. Classical, jazz, gospel, etc. 10 years of lessons, baby!
2. I can write and speak and sing in fluent Portuguese. If you ever want to go on vacation to Brazil, I'll be your translator! Voce tem um abacaxi na sua cabeca!
3. I'm tall. (5'11"ish) And I love to wear heels. (which puts me over 6 feet!)
4. I have golden sunflowers around the pupils of my hazel eyes. I didn't know this until my optician told me. I like it.

There you go. Several useless factoids you now have the pleasure of knowing.

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