Thursday, April 29, 2010

Self-Portraits, Weeks 11, 12, & 13

I have a funny story. Remember the wireless remote for my camera that wasn't working? Well apparently, it needs a battery to "work." Yep. In my defense I had only used it once prior to it "breaking" so why would it need a new battery?

Anyway... here are a few more additions to my self-portrait project, inspired by the fabulous light coming through my bedroom window.

You can see the pictures larger on my Facebook fan page...



I was inspired by some photography I saw today that used a lot of texture applications. I thought the colors and the mood of this photo was a good way to incorporate some texture. I really love the rim lighting on my face from the window.



The gold curtains in my bedroom catch the evening light in a really gorgeous way... I've been meaning to get some self-portraits by them, so that was today's challenge. I love the lighting and shadows on this one... Oh, and I like my hand on the curtain. Have I mentioned that I want to be a hand model?



Again, I just really love the backlighting on this one.... I like how it makes my facial features stand out, and I like how the lighting emphasizes the texture of my hair.

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