Saturday, October 17, 2009


So this week was an exciting week... I successfully shot a bunch of really awesome framed art and mirrors for CAS Wall Decor in North Carolina... but I did drop my camera after the first day of shooting (it was only an itty bitty baby drop, but it hit the ground just right...), so that made for an interesting day or two. But everything came together, and my Canon is off to the camera doctor to get its innards fixed.

Here's me shooting an awesome mirror... (some lucky person gets to photoshop the reflections out of this!)

Luckily, I have some amazing photographer friends who are generously letting me borrow their cameras to finish up the rest of my shoots for the month... *Jen is extremely grateful!!*

Today I went to the Buffalo/Elkland area for some family photos on my sister-in-law's family's farm. Here is the beautiful scenery and clouds that I got to work with today! 

Fall sessions to be posted soon!

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