Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was recently inspired to write a poem.
I haven't sat down to spill out my thoughts in quite some time,
so I mentally detoxed and wrote this poem,
which just so happens to be about photography.
So I am sharing it with you.



my eyes crave
to capture the fleeting,
that which can be invisible

others pass by
with nary a second glance,
too consumed by the obvious.

they are oblivious of its powers.
but oh, it whispers to me;
enticing, alluring, demanding attention

it stops me in my tracks,
takes my breath away.
there before me…

the moment.

it is beautiful.
it is raw.
it is enchanting.

and I capture it.
for me.
for you.
that moment in time.

memories fade,
become vapors in the wind,
but to remember
is to embrace time,
in a photograph.

hold it tenderly in your hands.
see it with eyes of gratitude.
absorb its significance.
the moment.


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  1. mmmmm...I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks, Melissa. :) Hope all is well in your world!