Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adventures & Daily Pix

I've been scrambling to get the rest of my stuff together for Brazil, and it's slowly coming together. Our team leaves on Saturday the 8th and will return the following Monday, the 17th. I'm so pumped! I'll be taking along my camera grip, 2 battery packs, and 16 GB of memory. (If 16 gigs is not enough memory for me, I have a major problem). :)

P.S. I started to upload Daily Pix onto my Images by Jen Photography Facebook page (the link is on the right). A lot of photographers do Project 365 where they take at least a photograph a day and upload them for all to see. It's a good way to be consistent with getting out the camera on a daily basis and staying in a creative zone.

I think I will be changing my posting format, and instead, adding them to my Flickr site (which is currently under construction). Then I'll upload the photo and the Flickr link to this blog daily, and then this blog feed will automatically update Facebook with the most recent entry. (Technology is great... but can sometimes be overwhelming). Obviously, I won't get to post daily pix while in Brazil, but I will continue this project when I return.

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