Thursday, April 9, 2009

Florida Adventure

If I'm being honest, I'm not quite ready for my 5:55 am flight tomorrow morning for Florida... I still have a lot of last-minute things to get together before I head out for my mini-vacation/commercial photo shoot. It's been a pretty interesting week and I've learned a lot about having flexibility with the unexpected.

Plans were changed for the upcoming Florida shoot... Lisa, Becca, and I are going to use Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as our free days, which will involve a visit to Universal Studios, the beach, and some fabulous outlet shopping.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be our work days shooting CAS's new product line. Ordering rental studio lighting has been quite the experience...

Here are some things I've learned this week:
* Procrastination is my enemy.
* Go with your gut when you think that people are being rude to you. They are. And they don't deserve your business.
* It's good to know people who know things.
* Stay calm when things don't go as planned. Something will come along that works just as well.
* With a little prayer and wisdom, it will all come together in the end. :)

Random thoughts:
* I hate to pack. I hate it with a passion. I will procrastinate, and I will ultimately forget something.
* I love my house. Especially my sweet new decorative shelf for my office. I'll post pix soon.
* I need a vacation.
* Roller coasters are calling out my name. I am so ready.
* I'm excited to fly again. Weird, I know. The window seat is my favorite.
* Made my last payment on my living room furniture. It's officially mine. woot.
* Thank God for good friends!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend! And remember what it's all about...

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